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The Benefits of Shared Container Shipping
May 25, 2017
Freight Forwarder International Cost Guide
Freight Forwarder International Cost Guide
June 13, 2017
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How to Save International Moving Costs


For anybody moving abroad, shipping domestic goods & every single piece of your furniture is a lot to contemplate, besides all this, you should also be aware of the expected & unexpected expenses that you may face for your international move.  We have listed some of the things & expenses below that you must take care to save money for your international move.

Moving & Transportation Costs

The largest single expense that you will face in your international move is hiring an international moving firm to move your belongings from your house to your new home in another country.

The moving & transportation cost basically based on a few key factors:

  • The size of the move:

The greater the move, the more costly it will be. This cost depends on both the weight & volume of the goods. You can reduce this cost by using a shared service if you don’t have ample belongings for a full container load.

  • Distance:

The farther you need to move, the more costly it will be.

  • Route:

Some destinations are fairly common & others are somewhat rare. For instance, international moves between the United States & Canada or in Europe are common & as compared to less common routes these sea routes will usually be less expensive because of the competition.

  • Transportation method:

Transportation method is the other big factor in deciding the price that you will pay for your international move. Shipping via air is the most costly whereas shipping via sea is the least expensive choice.

Usual move cost starts from $999 & can easily go above $9999 for long distance overseas moves.

Packing & Unpacking Costs

While not every moving company takes extra charges for packing & unpacking, many do as such. This cost usually depends on the country you are moving to, thus you may have no way out about incurring this expenditure. Some country’s customs documents necessitate the moving organization to vouch for the belongings being imported & to assure that nothing illegitimate is being dispatched.

If you would like to shun or lessen the packing & unpacking cost, be sure to talk with your mover & check whether there is anything that you can do. You can save this money, sometimes by packing belongings yourself. However, by leaving the boxes open for the custom to inspect. Furthermore, you can always save your money on the other end by unpacking things yourself in the new house.

Usual cost start from $99 USD can easily go to a few hundred dollars.

Moving Insurance Costs

Not all, but some moving companies incorporate insurance in their quoted cost. Make sure to check precisely what the insurance policy does & doesn’t cover.

In the event that your merchandise are being sent via ocean, you’ll need to ensure there’s some kind of maritime insurance policy. Regardless of what you will need to have an insurance policy that covers up the full worth of the loss, robbery & additionally harms to any of your belongings.

Usual cost starts from $99 USD but can go much higher than this if shipping high-value, rare goods.

Storage Costs

While moving abroad, you may discover that you need to pay for storage as well as for your general moving expenses. This poses due to the difficulty to coordinate the shipping dates with your moving date.

As a result, while your freight is not in transportation they should be stored in some place. Make sure to remember this when setting hopes for when your freight will arrive.

You may possibly need to keep your freight in storage while you search for a place in the new country to live.

Usual cost starts from $99 USD/month for a small or two-bed apartment house & can go up & about from there.

Customs Duty Charges & Taxes

Before moving, you must look into customs duties in the country to which you are moving as it is the other small cost that you will incur in your overseas moves. Some countries, for instance, the US let most household goods to be shipped duty-free. Whereas some countries like the UK have more complex rules that depend on where you’re moving. Mostly custom duty charges & taxes are charged on the basis of your merchandise value.

Usual cost anywhere from free to nearly unlimited that usually depend on the type & the value of the goods you are going to carry with you.

These are some of the things & expenses that you may incur on your overseas move & can really help you cut out your expenses to some extent.

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